How Sound Engineers Made the Millennium Falcon's Most Iconic Noise

The Millennium Falcon is the king of cool when it comes to classic sci-fi spaceships. The vessel is a kitbashed masterpiece and a bold image that screams Star Wars. It's also a "piece of junk," a "bucket of bolts," and constant headache for Han Solo and company, but hey, she's got it where it counts. » 12/14/14 2:15pm Sunday 2:15pm

There Are Some Countries Smaller Than This Epic Millennium Falcon Toy

First revealed earlier this summer, Hasbro's latest version of the most iconic spaceship in the Star Wars universe is finally available to add to your collection. The two-and-a-half-foot long Millennium Falcon toy (if you can even call it that at this scale) is packed with details and believe it or not is powered… » 11/21/14 4:43pm 11/21/14 4:43pm

An Immaculate Millennium Falcon Model Made Entirely Of Cardboard

Most people are happy to clean a basement by just tossing or recycling the mountain of cardboard boxes that always seem to accumulate down there. Thomas Richner took the road less traveled, though, and stretched his Saturday afternoon chore into a multi-week project building a five-foot long model of the Millennium… » 11/17/14 6:02pm 11/17/14 6:02pm

Star Wars Fan Builds A Docking Bay for His Millennium Falcon

Why yes, that is a LEGO Millennium Falcon perched inside a diorama of Docking Bay 327, the scene of Obi-Wan and Darth Vader's battle. It was created by German builder David Wagner and measures an impressive 90cm x 100cm. The project required roughly 10,500 bricks, four months, and 1,000 € to complete. » 11/19/11 2:40am 11/19/11 2:40am

First Peek at Hasbro's Relaunched Millennium Falcon

This, is Hasbro's new Millennium Falcon, unveiled to ExtremeTech's Brian Heater in a Manhattan hotel yesterday. The only reason the toy giant reworked it was because the original mold broke, which made us chuckle. Thirty percent larger than the original, it's got room for up to 18 action figures—and Han and Chewy… » 6/06/08 8:15am 6/06/08 8:15am

Stunning Hasbro Millennium Falcon Jumps Out of Hyperspace

This is THE Millennium Falcon toy that never arrived when every 9-yo kid wanted it in 1977: the 2.5-foot Hasbro's Star Wars Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon, worthy of the most mind-blowing SW collections. It's probably the most realistic Falcon toy you can buy this side of an actual prop, with LEDs everywhere,… » 4/13/08 9:30pm 4/13/08 9:30pm

Sorting the 5,195 Pieces of the Millennium Falcon Gives Strange…

If the first time you saw all those bags you thought the LEGO Millennium Falcon was big, it's not big. It's HUGE. Like some of you asked for, I spent four hours and nine minutes sorting all the pieces out to make the construction easier. The condensed video shows the complexity and giganormous size of this LEGO set.… » 12/19/07 11:20am 12/19/07 11:20am

LEGO Star Wars Space Port: That's a Lot of Free Time

Just in time for the 30th anniversary, someone conjured up one sweet rendition of a Star Wars-style space port via LEGO, complete with the Millennium Falcon, AT-AT walkers, and an Imperial Shuttle. The only thing it's missing is a Slave I model, because you can't have the Falcon without Boba Fett close behind. » 5/27/07 11:30am 5/27/07 11:30am

Millennium Falcon Mini: She Makes The Kessel Run in Less Than Twelve…

I have seen some crazy Star Wars gear in my day, and even some fine mods that use the Millennium Falcon motif. But this one is point five past light speed nicer. The reason? As Han Solo would say, a lot of special modifications. There is a jack for an iPod Shuffle between the mandibles, an iSight camera is housed in… » 9/06/05 9:01am 9/06/05 9:01am