Mimo Pivoting 7-Inch USB Display Now Available at Think Geek

If you have been looking to buy theMimo pivoting 7-inch USB-based display from a familiar online shop, ThinkGeek is now selling them for $130. Still a bit expensive, but if you don't have any video port available, these cool USB monitors are the ticket. Mimo's 800 x 480-pixel satellite monitor is also available at The… » 7/01/09 10:55am 7/01/09 10:55am

Etri Wi-Fi Router Has Half-Mile Range, Beaucoups Bandwidth

We're looking at our Linksys Wi-Fi router with disdain now that we've discovered how weak it is compared to this Etri Wi-Fi mofo. Besides the Etri router's awesome 240Mbps speed, it has a range far beyond ordinary Wi-Fi, cranking out signals at a claimed range of 100m to 1km. Sheesh. Our Linksys can barely get from… » 2/02/07 2:15pm 2/02/07 2:15pm

Linksys WRT350N Gigabit 802.11N MIMO Router

Both a 802.11N wireless router and a gigabit ethernet router, the Linksys WRT350N also has Storage LInk, which lets you add additional storage to your network. Attach any USB 2.0 hard drive to the router and it becomes accessible to the WRT350N's media server so you can access all your files anywhere in the home. It's… » 10/13/06 6:30pm 10/13/06 6:30pm

Omron Shows MIMO HDTV Antenna, Gets Rid of Messy Wires

The cable-less future gets a little closer with Omron's ultra wideband (UWB) MIMO antenna destined for OEMs, specifically created for high definition video transmission. Omron calls it the first UWB antenna to transmit HD video. The company notes that HDTVs, projectors, DVD players and scalers can be equipped with… » 9/27/06 10:06am 9/27/06 10:06am