Linksys Just Made Its Iconic WRT Routers More Affordable

Almost a decade ago, when Belkin's 54GL router reigned supreme, routers could afford to be somewhat restricted when it comes to bandwidth. You had a desktop, maybe a laptop, and if you're a really early adopter, a smartphone connected to your network. Now, devices have multiplied like asexual amoebas, we're swimming… »1/04/15 7:00pm1/04/15 7:00pm

Mimo Pivoting 7-Inch USB Display Now Available at Think Geek

If you have been looking to buy theMimo pivoting 7-inch USB-based display from a familiar online shop, ThinkGeek is now selling them for $130. Still a bit expensive, but if you don't have any video port available, these cool USB monitors are the ticket. Mimo's 800 x 480-pixel satellite monitor is also available at The… »7/01/09 10:55am7/01/09 10:55am

Mimo 7-Inch USB Displays Make Your Desktop Look Like a Battleoid Cockpit

These 7-inch Mimo monitors from Korean manufacturer Nanovision look like the perfect mini-displays to set up widgets, chat windows, and other software that doesn't require too much real estate-perfect to make your awesome computer rig »10/16/08 11:10am10/16/08 11:10am even more awesome. The good: They only require a USB 2.0 port. The better: As you…

Quantenna Chips Boosts Wi-Fi Coverage In Every Corner Of Your Castle

My parents live in a pretty big house—well, at least it seems »10/14/08 4:30am10/14/08 4:30am big if you've spent the last five years living in various closets in New York. One of the most annoying things about occasionally blogging from there is that sometimes, depending on where you are in the big house, the wireless connection will crap out…

Etri Wi-Fi Router Has Half-Mile Range, Beaucoups Bandwidth

We're looking at our Linksys Wi-Fi router with disdain now that we've discovered how weak it is compared to this Etri Wi-Fi mofo. Besides the Etri router's awesome 240Mbps speed, it has a range far beyond ordinary Wi-Fi, cranking out signals at a claimed range of 100m to 1km. Sheesh. Our Linksys can barely get from… »2/02/07 2:15pm2/02/07 2:15pm