You can stretch out these fake marble sculptures like a slinky

Yes, like a slinky. These marble-looking sculptures that look like they're from Ancient Greece are actually completely malleable, deformable, slinky-like art pieces. You see, the sculptures are made from thousands of sheets of paper to appear solid when still. When you tug at the sculpture though, you can stretch it…

Magical tree appears to be invisibly hovering over its tree trunk

What a fantastic mind trip. This tree appears to be magically hovering over its tree trunk. What kind of sorcery allows this? Art. Daniel Siering and Mario Shu wrapped a tree in a plastic sheet and then painted the sheet to look like the tree's background. The visual effect makes the background look perfectly seamless.

What kind of sorcery illusion lets these two blocks be the same color?

One is dark, one is light. One is gray, one is white. These are obviously two different blocks with two different colors right? Wrong. The two blocks are the same color. Seriously, they're the same shade of gray. Just place your finger across the seam (where the blocks meet in the middle) to reveal the illusion. Just…