Dell Mini 10 Update Includes a Shiny New Processor

Dell's Inspiron Mini 10 is joining the coming wave of netbooks that will use Intel's next-generation Atom n450 processor. It'll give you a longer battery life, but may not have much of an impact beyond that. » 12/21/09 10:37am 12/21/09 10:37am

Dell Mini 10's RAM Won't Be Upgradable Past 1 GB

The Dell Mini 10, the Mini 9's successor, which is due to start shipping later this week will come with a "fixed" 1GB of RAM, meaning, it won't be upgradable according to Dell. Does this mean that the RAM is soldered in, or fixed on the motherboard? Anyways, it's probably a result of the netbook licensing limitations » 2/23/09 7:59pm 2/23/09 7:59pm