Converted Dell Mini 9 Netbook Makes For a Great Internet Tablet

Everybody's favorite hackintoshable netbook, the Dell Mini 9, has yet another identity—it can be converted into a pretty fantastic internet slate PC/tablet. » 10/14/09 12:22pm 10/14/09 12:22pm

Michael Dell Hates Netbooks, But Loves Windows 7: What About You?

Dell may have a page dedicated to pitching netbooks, but its founder and CEO slammed mini notebooks at last night's Silicon Valley dinner sponsored by the Churchill Club. He also said Windows 7 will help you love your PC again... » 10/14/09 6:50am 10/14/09 6:50am

The Dell 'Ultimate Hackintosh' Mini 9 Back for $299

The Dell Mini 9 may not be Dell's newest netbook, but it's widely considered the best hackintosh around. The only problem? It was discontinued...or so we thought. » 8/10/09 9:40am 8/10/09 9:40am

Leaked Dell Internal Product Roadmap Reveals Mini 11 Netbook

We received word today that Dell is talking about a Mini 11 netbook behind closed doors. Mahoney, that Mini 9 Hackintosh OS X howto was awesome, so be ready for this when it hits, ok? » 4/05/09 12:35pm 4/05/09 12:35pm

A Hackintoshed Dell Mini 9, Autographed By Woz

In our Hackintosh guide, we called our OS X-powered Dell Mini 9 the ultimate Mac netbook. We were wrong. This Hackintoshed Dell Mini 9, autographed by one Steve "Quick Step" Wozniak, is the actual pinnacle. » 3/26/09 6:30pm 3/26/09 6:30pm

How To: Hackintosh a Dell Mini 9 Into the Ultimate OS X Netbook

I am typing this on a 9-inch, 3G-equipped, almost-pocketable computer, running the best consumer OS money can currently buy. It costs around $400. Do you want one too? Here's how to get yours. » 2/21/09 12:00pm 2/21/09 12:00pm

Dealzmodo: Dell Inspiron Mini 9n Now $250

From cheap(er) DSLRs to cheap Dell mini-notebooks we go with this Ubuntu-equipped Inspiron Mini 9, now going for $250. That's almost as cheap as the refurbished one we found for $177 last month. » 2/08/09 5:00pm 2/08/09 5:00pm

Dealzmodo: Refurbed 4GB Dell Inspiron Mini 9 $177

Feel like sub-$200 is the magical price for a netbook? With a coupon code, you can pick up a refurbished Dell Inspiron Mini 9 (with the same one-year warranty as new goods) for $177. UPDATED. » 1/30/09 1:40pm 1/30/09 1:40pm

Dell Mini 9 Has a More Pro Screen Than MacBook Pro

Rob Galbraith checks out the screens on the three hottest notebooks in their respective classes from a pro photographer's standpoint—new MacBook Pro, Dell Mini 9 and Lenovo W700—and how they stack up will surprise you » 1/27/09 1:40pm 1/27/09 1:40pm

Dell Denies Mini 9 Undersized Battery Claims, Testing Concurs with Dell

Reports hit yesterday that Dell had shipped Mini 9 reviewers a 32Wh battery while shorting consumers with an undersized 24Wh battery. Dell has since denied the claims, and further testing sides with Dell, too. » 12/19/08 11:59am 12/19/08 11:59am

Dell Shipping Inspiron Mini 9 With Super Mini Batteries?

Not the first time we've seen this, but it looks like Dell is shipping their Inspiron Mini 9 to regular joes with smaller batteries than the ones reviewers got. » 12/18/08 7:00pm 12/18/08 7:00pm

Boing Boing Gadgets' Hackintosh-Netbook Compatibility Chart

Spoiler: If you're going to buy a netbook for Hackintoshing, try the MSI Wind or a Dell Mini 9. Rob explains more at BBG. [Boing Boing Gadgets] » 12/17/08 9:44pm 12/17/08 9:44pm

Dell Mini 9 Netbook Gets 32GB Solid State Drive Option For a Measly $100

Dell's Mini 9 may be going for a pretty good price already (and an irritating disk error) but check out this deal sweetener: Dell's added a 32GB SSD option for just $100. The base model with that larger solid state drive is thus $449—and to me, that's pretty bonkers good value. [Dell via Engadget via Geekygadgets] » 11/24/08 7:58am 11/24/08 7:58am

Add an Integrated GPS Receiver to Hackable Dell Mini 9

Modders prodding around inside the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 » 10/07/08 2:29pm 10/07/08 2:29pm have discovered that there is a lot of potential to add new functionality thanks to some areas with empty space. That having been said, MyDellMini member Tom Beauchamp used a pocket next to the Bluetooth adapter to add a super-small GPS receiver. If using your PC…

Insipron Mini 9 Going for $99 if You Buy Another Dell

Until 6AM September 9th, according to Dell's own blog, if you buy a Studio 15, XPS M1530 or XPS M1330 machine from Dell, you can buy an Inspiron Mini 9 for a suitable mini price of $99. It's a mini bargain. [Direct2Dell] » 9/04/08 4:26am 9/04/08 4:26am