Dell Mini 9 Netbook Gets 32GB Solid State Drive Option For a Measly $100

Dell's Mini 9 may be going for a pretty good price already (and an irritating disk error) but check out this deal sweetener: Dell's added a 32GB SSD option for just $100. The base model with that larger solid state drive is thus $449—and to me, that's pretty bonkers good value. [Dell via Engadget via Geekygadgets] »11/24/08 7:58am11/24/08 7:58am

Add an Integrated GPS Receiver to Hackable Dell Mini 9

Modders prodding around inside the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 »10/07/08 2:29pm10/07/08 2:29pm have discovered that there is a lot of potential to add new functionality thanks to some areas with empty space. That having been said, MyDellMini member Tom Beauchamp used a pocket next to the Bluetooth adapter to add a super-small GPS receiver. If using your PC…