Sony Considering Fashionably Late Entry Into Netbook Market

Considering just about every other laptop maker has entered the ULPC arena, it comes as no surprise that Sony's thinking about dipping its toes into netbooks as well. Sony exec Mike Abary told Laptop Magazine to "stay tuned" about the company's netbook plans, and added that "we are letting the pioneers of the market… »9/16/08 2:30am9/16/08 2:30am

Mystery 12.1-Inch Dell Laptop On UK Supermarket Website: E-Slim Leaked?

UK supermarket chain Tesco has this Dell "Inspiron Z530" laptop up for sale on their website: it's got a 12.1-inch screen, is Atom Z350-powered and sounds a lot like the Dell E-Slim mini laptop we've mentioned before. The product's features are touted thus: "Ultra mobile web experience. Consume your media where ever… »9/12/08 11:20am9/12/08 11:20am