New 10-Inch HP Mini 1000 Netbook Shows Up Online

Matching up with what was hinted a few weeks back, HP's 10-inch companion to the popular 8.9-inch Mini-Note 2133 has appeared on HP's online shop. The link is not yet live, so the only details we have are the $399 starting price, along with size and weight and that it's ditching the 2133's metal for black plastic. … » 10/26/08 2:46pm 10/26/08 2:46pm

Leaked: Dell Inspiron 910 (Mini Note) Specs and Release Date

A few weeks ago we ran some rumored specs of Dell's answer to the Eee, the Dell Inspiron 910 (aka Mini Inspiron and Inspiron Mini). Now we've gotten our hands on the full (internal) 910 web documentation. Along with scoping shots from every angle, we've learned that the 910 will support SSDs up to 16GB and has what… » 8/18/08 12:01pm 8/18/08 12:01pm

Subnotebook vs. UMPC vs. Netbook: WTF Is the Difference?

When Blam broke the news on Dell's mini Inspiron, there was one he was stuck on: How to categorize it. Is it a subnotebook? A UMPC? A netbook? (Knowing the specs might have helped, but probably not much.) Part of the problem is that the category names themselves are very new and pretty vague. Here's a mini-compendium… » 5/30/08 5:00pm 5/30/08 5:00pm

HP 2133 Mini-Note UMPC Reviewed (Verdict: Rich Man's Eee PC)

Reviews are pouring in of the HP 2133 sub-notebook (now dubbed the Mini-Note) which is now up on Amazon. It costs more than the Eee PC or Cloudbook, but you can actually configure all the specs yourself, and the aluminum chassis tells people you spent more on your ultraportable. It's a bit bulkier and heavier, but the… » 4/08/08 12:30am 4/08/08 12:30am