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A First Look at the MSI 'Wind 2' U120

MSI hasn't been shy about their Wind U120, a 10" netbook that should pack a 120GB hard drive, SSD options, 802.11n Wi-Fi and 3G (HSDPA) fun. But from these first official shots of the unofficial sequel to the praised MSI Wind, we see that not much has changed about the exterior beyond adding a new two-tone style with… » 10/09/08 11:15am 10/09/08 11:15am

Dell Inspiron Mini 9, Now Running OS X Leopard

The first time a mini-notebook is loaded with OS X, like any right of passage, it's a major event. And now the Inspiron Mini 9 has become a man, or at least an honorary Apple fanboy. Loaded with a slipstreamed version of OSX in a manner similar to the MSI Wind, the wireless card, Ethernet and sound didn't work… » 10/02/08 5:40pm 10/02/08 5:40pm

Raon Everun Note, A Beefy Tiny Laptop for Under $900

Mini-notes like the MSI Wind are nice and everything, but for the really good stuff, sometimes you still need to import. The Raon Everun Note looks like a fantastic little machine, weighing a scant 1.63 pounds but featuring a full-out AMD Turion 64x2 Dual Core 1.2GHz procesor, 128MB of ATI discrete graphics power, 7"… » 9/17/08 3:10pm 9/17/08 3:10pm

Samsung Netbook Looks Cute in Glamor Shots

It's completely lacking any new innovation, but Samsung's 2.9lb Atom processing, XP running, 10.2-inch display wielding netbook looks attractive in its new publicity shots. Available this October (possibly Korea and UK-only), Samsung's $550ish netbook will be offered in white, black and blue—yes, the color of snow and… » 9/11/08 12:20pm 9/11/08 12:20pm