Celrun's Lluon A1 Mini-PC is Half-Notebook, Half-iMac-Alike, Atom-Powered

This upcoming mini-PC from Cellrun is something a bit like the old iLamp-style iMac » 8/22/08 5:00am 8/22/08 5:00am, a bit notebooky, a bit low-cost desktop Eee PC... but actually not like any of them too much: It seems to be it's own low-power, neat design desktop genre. It's got an 18.4-inch widescreen LCD, has built-in stereo speakers and…

Everex Cloudbook Unboxed, Fondled, Declared Horrible So Far

Those of you excited about that cheap, small Everex Cloudbook Wal-mart laptop as an alternative to an Eee PC might be slightly disappointed. Laptopmag just unboxed theirs, and found many things wrong with it. The pointing device is above the keyboard on the right, but the left and right mouse keys are on the left… » 2/15/08 1:10pm 2/15/08 1:10pm

TG LLUON Mini PC Out-Classes the Mac Mini

Although we'll never see this TG LLUON Mini PC here on account of how it's Korea-only, it looks so good that we just had to show you anyway. Inside the small box is an Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, a 500GB hard drive, DVD burner, GeForce 8400GS and Wi-Fi. It's $1500, unfortunately, making it almost three times as much as… » 12/27/07 4:40pm 12/27/07 4:40pm

ARTiGO DIY Mini-PC Kit for an Awesome Hacker Holiday

Starting this Friday, Via Technologies will roll out their ARTiGO do-it-yourself mini-pc kit for any hacker looking for a fun (but brief) holiday project. The package includes an EPIA PX10000 Pico-ITX motherboard with a1-GHz C7 Via processor, a chassis, power adapter, and essential accessories—but you are on your own… » 12/10/07 9:00pm 12/10/07 9:00pm

Asus Shows Off Nova P22 mini-PC, Looks Like a Mac mini Dressed Up in Orange

It's probably not going to take the desktop world by storm like the Eee has with notebooks—cause it's not $400 for one—but Asus's Nova P22 mini-PC certainly isn't a bad looking machine. It's got a form factor sorta like the Mac mini but it's more angular and less curvy, with a Sunkist accent wrapped around it. » 11/29/07 8:40pm 11/29/07 8:40pm

Epson's Mac Mini Doppelganger Packs Core 2 Duo

Mac Mini rip offs are a dime a dozen, so it's rare when we find one that's a worthy contender and it's even rarer when we find one that's made by a printer company. Yet Epson's Endeavor ST100 manages to stand up to Apple's Mini and despite being bigger, can even teach it a thing or two. For starters, the ST100 packs… » 11/21/06 2:00pm 11/21/06 2:00pm