Celrun's Lluon A1 Mini-PC is Half-Notebook, Half-iMac-Alike, Atom-Powered

This upcoming mini-PC from Cellrun is something a bit like the old iLamp-style iMac »8/22/08 5:00am8/22/08 5:00am, a bit notebooky, a bit low-cost desktop Eee PC... but actually not like any of them too much: It seems to be it's own low-power, neat design desktop genre. It's got an 18.4-inch widescreen LCD, has built-in stereo speakers and…

ARTiGO DIY Mini-PC Kit for an Awesome Hacker Holiday

Starting this Friday, Via Technologies will roll out their ARTiGO do-it-yourself mini-pc kit for any hacker looking for a fun (but brief) holiday project. The package includes an EPIA PX10000 Pico-ITX motherboard with a1-GHz C7 Via processor, a chassis, power adapter, and essential accessories—but you are on your own… »12/10/07 9:00pm12/10/07 9:00pm

Asus Shows Off Nova P22 mini-PC, Looks Like a Mac mini Dressed Up in Orange

It's probably not going to take the desktop world by storm like the Eee has with notebooks—cause it's not $400 for one—but Asus's Nova P22 mini-PC certainly isn't a bad looking machine. It's got a form factor sorta like the Mac mini but it's more angular and less curvy, with a Sunkist accent wrapped around it. »11/29/07 8:40pm11/29/07 8:40pm