DoCoMo DLP Phone Projects TV, Makes Butt Look Big

The NTT DoCoMo prototype phone shown in the video above has an embedded DLP projector, presumably using an LED light source in order to project a respectable 20- to 25-in. video image on the wall a few feet away. The downside, as you can hear from the dude asking questions (AOL Switched's Tom Samiljan if I'm not… » 10/03/08 8:40pm 10/03/08 8:40pm

LG Chocolate HS101 Mini Projector Finally On Its Way

While we heard rumblings of the LG Chocolate HS101 mini projector way back in December, the company says it will finally be shipping the diminutive minibeamer by the middle of this month. Even though this baby is just 6 inches long, 4 inches wide and a mere 2 inches thick and weighs just shy of 2 pounds, LG says it… » 8/07/07 9:30am 8/07/07 9:30am

Epson and Philips to Further Reduce Mini-projectors' Size

Seiko Epson and Philips are working on projectors smaller than anything we've ever seen. The new reference design will use Seiko Epson's High Temperature Poly-Silicon TFT panel and Philips' Ujoy lamp. The 50W lamp has a diameter of 43.5mm and a depth of 64mm, while the driver module measures a mere 70 × 36 × 26mm.… » 6/13/07 4:20pm 6/13/07 4:20pm

Toshiba TDP-FF1AU Projector is Tiny: Tenacious, Too

Toshiba's palm-sized DLP projector packs a 800x600 pixel punch, and unlike other experimental mini-projectors of its ilk, this one's fo' reals. Accentuating its portability, the company made it so that it will run on batteries for a couple of hours, and it even pumps audio through an onboard speaker for a completely… » 10/17/06 3:00pm 10/17/06 3:00pm