The 3M MPro120: It's About Time Pico Projectors Grew Up

3M pitching the MPro120 mini-projector as a "second generation" piece of hardware. For them, that means it's the first with the new MM200 projection engine. For everyone else, it could mean the first truly decent pico projector. » 8/26/09 3:54pm 8/26/09 3:54pm

3M's Pocket Video Projector First to Hit Shops, 30th September

Back in May we brought you some more data on the upcoming 3M pocket video projector, but only guesses on its release date: now we know it's September 30th. The palm-sized MPro110 has a VGA and composite video input, so it'll be good for either your laptop or portable gadgets with video-out. It's got manual focus, but… » 9/15/08 5:12am 9/15/08 5:12am

18 Super Small Projectors

We have been hearing about mini /pico projectors for a long time now but so far, nothing has made it to store shelves. However, there is no doubt that this technology will be an important part of many of our mobile devices in the near future-which is why there is no shortage of concepts out there. OObject has… » 7/30/08 7:00pm 7/30/08 7:00pm

3M's Mini-Projector Mystery Company Turns Out To Be Samsung

Back in March we learned that 3M would partner with a "leading consumer electronics company" in an attempt to be the first to market with a mini mobile projector. After months of speculation, 3M's CEO George Buckley has revealed that the mystery company in question will be Samsung. He also revealed that the price… » 5/13/08 4:25pm 5/13/08 4:25pm