Toshiba Gigabeat V81: More Screen, More Memory, More of the Same

The new Toshiba's Gigabeat V81 portable digital TV has a 320 x 240-pixel 3.5-inch screen, fitting 40 hours of recorded TV into its internal 8GB memory, which is double the previous version, expandable with an SD card. They claim 10 hours of broadcast viewing, and 13 hours of playback video viewing with WMA, WMV and… » 2/07/08 5:49am 2/07/08 5:49am

Sony "Senseware" Mini TV Concept is Soft and Eyeball-like

Sony and Tokyo Fiber are taking a fresh look at the idea of mini televisions with this new "senseware" design. Senseware devices, as Sony envisions them, are "small, round, and soft reinterpretations of products that feel nice and have character." They are also designed to project images "that reach you like the song… » 12/17/07 7:00pm 12/17/07 7:00pm