Video: Chef makes wonderfully miniature burgers in a super tiny kitchen

You wouldn't be wrong to think that a tiny cheeseburger is just a slider but you also wouldn't be all the way right, either. That's because Miniature Space stretches (compacts?) the imagination of what tiny food can be in their tiny kitchen. Here they are grillin' up some burgers that are so tiny, they're probably… »3/25/15 7:05pm3/25/15 7:05pm


Toys Playing with Toy-Size Apple Gadgets Will Make You Either Sneer or Coo

Toys playing with their own overly-engineered, brand-name, Apple gadgets is what could probably be called—quite accurately—the pinnacle of pretension. Still, anything made miniature is automatically cool. And these tiny iPods, iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks are no exception. Not even when Woody from Toy Story is posed… »7/13/12 9:40pm7/13/12 9:40pm

Disneyland Fan Builds a Working Version of the Main Street Electrical Parade on His Coffee Table

There are some truly devoted Disneyland fans out there who visit so often they know every single detail about the park. But seemingly none are as devoted as Alex George, who can now visit the park whenever he's home thanks to this awesome miniature version of the Main Street Electrical Parade in his living room. »5/07/12 8:51am5/07/12 8:51am

Miniature Projector Developed for Miniature Home Theatre

A team at the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany has developed this sugar-cube sized digital video projector capable of displaying video/images at traditional sizes. This projector uses a single mirror to display the footage. There is a limited color range because it can only work with red and blue lasers—green lasers… »9/19/06 10:35am9/19/06 10:35am