The Apollo 13 astronauts and crew are now immortalized as Lego minifigs

If you didn’t live through the drama that was Apollo 13, you’ve probably seen the movie starring Tom Hanks. And even though the mission never made it to the moon, the Apollo 13 astronauts and crew are still considered heroes for getting back to earth safely. So of course they deserve to be immortalized as Lego minifigs

CERN Hid Lego Figurines All Over During Its Google Street View Shoot

If simply getting a peek inside the guts of CERN isn't cool enough, the lab's computer security officer, Stefan Lüders, has a secret treat for the nerds among us. Just before Google Street View came to visit, he and his crew hid Lego figurines all over CERN's Computing Center. About 20 of them—including aliens, a…

Here are the Coolest Custom Lego Minifigs You Can Buy on Etsy Right Now

The Lego minifig. That 1.5-2", articulated plastic figurine that brings your Lego creations to life. The history of the minifig is long and illustrious, and over the years enthusiasts have created their own custom ones to reflect their personalities and interests. Here are the coolest minifigs you can now buy on Etsy.