9 Minimal Word Processor Apps for Distraction-Free Writing

Many of us have some kind of writing to do during the course of the work day, but how do you get down to some serious typing with so many distractions around? These mobile and desktop apps tackle the problem head-on, stripping down the old word processor concept to its essential parts and enabling you to focus on the… »9/15/15 11:55am9/15/15 11:55am


These Photos of an Empty City at Night Will Haunt Me Forever

If you find yourself wander a strange city in the middle of the night, something is probably wrong. But if you stop and take all in, the urban landscape is somewhat surreal at night, when all of the people are sleeping. Photographer Paul Puiia captured that uncanny feeling so well, I don't think I'll ever look at… »9/16/14 3:56pm9/16/14 3:56pm

Wrap-Around Screen Phone Concept Don't Need No Bezels

This concept from Mac Funamizu »10/18/08 5:15pm10/18/08 5:15pm is designed to show how truly badass a phone with an OLED-wrap display could look. The most important advance? No more bezels or borders of any kind. A concept like this makes even the iPhone look cluttered, with that primitive silver border. It's a great little design, inspired by the …

Areaware 2B Radio: Minimalist Design and Features For Your Stylish Grampa

Kids these days, with their baggy jeans and their MTV and their fancy networked booming boxes »9/27/08 2:00pm9/27/08 2:00pm, they don't know the joy of sitting around the old-timey radio and listening to the soothing stories. The Areaware 2B radio just might be the bridge to these whippersnappers: its visible vacuum tubes have a cool retro feel,…