This Beautiful Wooden Book Case Is the First iPhone 5 Accessory We Actually Want

Mere minutes after the iPhone 5 was finally revealed to an upgrade-starved public, the case makers of the world started their barrage of pitches for new ways to protect the device. Most aren't worth a second glance, but damned if Miniot has created an absolutely stunning book-type case that both protects and enhances… »9/17/12 2:31pm9/17/12 2:31pm


iWood Case for iPhone Covers Up That Which is Already Purdy

Here come the iPhone cases, and the iWood by Miniot is the swankiest one yet, crafted of some fine-looking mahogany. It has a thin sheet of polycarbonate over the iPhone's screen that will still let you do the touchy-feely thing for which it's so well loved, but that plastic will still protect the phone at the same… »7/06/07 11:30am7/06/07 11:30am