MiniPC VT800

The MiniPC VT800 goes on sale this month in Japan, where it will be much appreciated due to their space premiums in the big cities. Not much to look at compared with other mini pcs, this MiniPC VT800 sports a Core Duo processor, DDR2 and a SATA hard disk in its cold, metallic interior. For connectivity, it's got…


K-OS Switch

This looks a bit too black box for our taste, but let's give it a chance. It seems to be a mini-PC with RGB, S-Video, and Stereo Audio out as well as an Ethernet jack. It can supply IPTV, Video-on-Demand, and gaming as well as wireless keyboards smartcards. This paragraph:

Mini PC

Like the styling of the Mac Mini but don't want to run OS X, or to give Apple your money? A bunch of small companies are branding AOpen's MiniPC and bundling it with a Linux-based OS pre-installed. The Koala Mini is $499 and comes with Ubuntu, while the folks behind the Linspire OS are selling the Linspire Mini…

Mini PCs Getting Even Mini-er

The CF700 (from the profoundly-named small computer makers "Minipc" in Japan) proudly states that it is smaller than a Mac Mini, and can also double up as some kind of totally awesome tennis ball heating device. Whilst I'm not a fan of the comparing game, I still fail to see how any of these so-called Mac Mini…