Giz Explains: An Illustrated Guide to Every Stupid Memory Card You Need

High on the list of gadget annoyances that make me want to scab my eyes out with a spork—just below cables »10/01/08 2:00pm10/01/08 2:00pm and —is the unfettered proliferation of memory cards. Even though they all fundamentally do the same thing—store data for handheld devices—they come in a million different sizes and shapes from almost as many…


Brando iMono Memory Card Readers Offer Sub-Pocket Sized Convenience

These tiny iMono Card Readers from Brando are so small you might even lose them in your pocket if they didn't have keychains attached, but they come in three different versions that accommodate your choice of T-Flash/MicroSD memory cards, M2 or miniSD cards, and all three can read SIM cards from your cellphone. »3/14/07 10:28am3/14/07 10:28am

iMono Flash Memory Card and SIM Reader: Pocket-Sized Polyglot

The multi-readers get smaller and smaller, and this iMono SIM card packs more versatility into a small form factor than we've seen yet. It handles a veritable alphabet soup of flash memory cards, including miniSD, all types of Memory Sticks, microSD, SD, MMC Card 4.0, MultiMedia Card, MultiMedia Card Plus, RS-MMC (MMC… »2/05/07 8:49am2/05/07 8:49am

SanDisk 4GB miniSD SDHC Card: Not Compatible With Current miniSD Devices

SanDisk rolled out a 4GB miniSD high-capacity flash (SDHC) memory card, giving you the ability to cram a whole lot of stuff onto a little flash card that's about the size of a fingernail. But don't try to slide this baby into that cellphone that uses regular garden-variety miniSD cards, because that's not going to… »9/12/06 10:34am9/12/06 10:34am