A Very Specific List of Things That Are Ruining My Google Alerts

I love Google Alerts. They're a great tool for tracking the mention of different things online. I use them less as a way to learn about breaking news and more as a way to discover how people are talking about the future. But there are all kinds of things that are messing them up. Well, messing them up for me »5/30/14 4:47pm5/30/14 4:47pm

Does Not Compute: 10 PC Myths from Movies and Television

For over half a century, Hollywood has been making computers do whatever they damn well please. Routinely featured on television and in movies, supercomputers, desktop rigs, and laptops are all too often granted near-magical capabilities. Deceit! Here are the top ten lies Hollywood tells about computers, for your… »7/15/11 10:00am7/15/11 10:00am

G-Speak Minority Report Gesture UI Actually Made By Minority Report Designer

Un-frickin-believable: there've been a »11/17/08 8:25am11/17/08 8:25am , but it looks like this new G-Speak system is really the Minority Report UI made into science-faction;it's made by one of the guys who actually worked on advising the Minority Report movie. It even has gloves something akin to Tom Cruise's natty controllers from the film, and…

Mgestyk Gesture Control System Will Make Your Mouse and Keyboard Obselete

We've seen gesture controls »11/06/08 7:00pm11/06/08 7:00pm , but Mgestyk Technologies wants to bring them to your home PC. Using only a 3D camera and proprietary software, the Mgestyk gesture control system is able to capture small hand movements and translate them into commands. These commands can be applied to almost any windows application,…

Panasonic Lifewall Is the All-Knowing Gesture-Controlled TV of the Future

If only the ancient Chinese Had Panasonic's LifeWall, they could have fended off nomadic tribes with HDTV instead of bricks and battlements. But since we live in the future, we can shut out the rest of the world with television that not only stretches from floor to ceiling, it follows people around the room.… »10/02/08 5:00pm10/02/08 5:00pm

Massive Multitouch Hologram is Like Microsoft Surface Without The Surface

The VisionAire projected multitouch (or more accurately, multiswoosh) hologram is an early, rough iteration of an extremely exciting concept: fully interactive holographic displays. Obscura Digital has adapted their proprietary multitouch software to the Musion Eyeliner hologram projection system, which is most… »8/04/08 8:30pm8/04/08 8:30pm

NEC's Minority Report-Style Display Tailors Adverts For You (Verdict: Frankenads)

It may be tired to bring up Minority Report, but remember the scenes in the movie where our hero gets bothered by interactive targeted advertising wherever he goes? Thanks to dear ol' NEC, this nightmare of advert pestering may really be in our future: its new ad display panel watches its watchers with a camera, then… »7/22/08 9:45am7/22/08 9:45am

Microsoft Wearable Mouse Patent Should Be Named "The Surf N' Jerk"

Microsoft continues their quest to bring Minority Report to life with a recently published patent for a wearable mouse from 2006. Now you too can wave your hands around like Tom Cruise—jumping optional—to control the cursor on your computer screen. The mouse is placed around the palm and activated by making a fist.… »4/17/08 1:13pm4/17/08 1:13pm