The Mio ALPHA 2 Heart Rate Watch Adds an Accelerometer and a Backlight

The original Mio ALPHA was the first fitness-tracking wearable to keep tabs on your heart rate using the same technology as the highly-accurate finger-worn pulse oximeters used at hospitals, instead of an awkward and uncomfortable chest strap. And now the company has finally revealed its successor, the Alpha 2, which… »1/05/15 11:00am1/05/15 11:00am


9 Gift-Worthy Sex Toys That Don't Look Like Sex Toys (and 1 That Does)

There's something romantic about the holidays—the nice smells, the crackling fire, the snuggling under blankets. So it's understandable that you might want to get your boo a special toy. It's also understandable that you might be nervous about putting that toy under the tree. Because, you know, family. »12/19/14 1:05pm12/19/14 1:05pm

Mio Leap K1 GPS-Cellphone Reveals Its Dual-Sided Strangeness

The two gadgets in that image aren't a separate cellphone and GPS navigator, oh no, they're something far stranger: a dual-sided gizmo dubbed the Leap K1. From Mio (recently in the news with its Knight Rider »9/05/08 6:30am9/05/08 6:30am themed GPS) the device is a quad-band phone with 2-megapixel cam and Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, that also…

Mio DigiWalker C720T Navi Has 2MP Camera to Geocache Your Memories

Mio is taking advantage of the combo of GPS and the digital camera in the DigiWalker C720T. Take a picture with the 2-megapixel cam on its back, and it becomes a navigable point of interest, so you can return to that one romantic spot (or the scene of the crime). This GPS navi, introduced today at DigitalLife, also… »9/27/07 1:50pm9/27/07 1:50pm

Black Friday Story Giveaway—Win a Mio H610 Personal GPS Navigator

I know a bunch of you gadget freaks braved the cold to get some hot deals, and there has to be some great stories that emerged from your experiences. Steal an old lady's walker so you could beat her to the HDTVs? We want to hear about it. Jot down the story and email it to with Black Friday Story… »11/24/06 3:30pm11/24/06 3:30pm

Mio C250 GPS Device Hits UK Running: They Still Make Standalone GPS Devices?

Gizmodo loves it some GPS and resident GPS nerd Charlie White recently drove around his neck of the woods with several thousand of them simultaneously yelling at him to turn right . One of the featured GPS units is by Mio, who have just unleashed its C250 navigation system over in Albion. (The UK, folks.) The big news… »11/13/06 3:09pm11/13/06 3:09pm