Ice climber impossibly survives a punishing fall from ice wall

Ouch. That has got to hurt. Ice climber Mark R. was climbing up a mountain when he was sent plummeting down by a piece of falling ice that hit him. He then basically avalanches down the mountain side and hits every rock down the way. It's like a scene from Game of Thrones but completely real. And even more insane… » 12/27/13 6:04pm 12/27/13 6:04pm

Bionic Legs Help Miracle Crash Survivor Walk Again

An eggcup-like device with bionic legs attached to it has been developed by doctors for a man who was chopped in half by a truck in 1995. The accident left Peng Shulin bedridden for over a decade, but thanks to doctors at the China Rehabilitation Research Center in Beijing, the 2'6" fighter is back on his feet again. » 7/12/07 5:30am 7/12/07 5:30am