Can Architecture Perform Miracles? The Quest to Make Gaudi a Saint

Visiting the dripping sand castle basilica that is the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona could definitely be described as one of the most awe-inducing moments of my life. A spiritual experience? Perhaps. But is it a miracle? That's what a group of believers are trying to prove in their campaign to make its architect,… » 7/29/14 2:57pm 7/29/14 2:57pm

Video: Man miraculously survives terrible fall from cliff

"Compression fracture of the T12 vertebra, 5 stitches to the eye, 6 stitches to the chin, severely sprained back, wrist and hand. multiple bruised areas." That's the miraculous result of a failed base jump by Vimeo user Subterminally, who could have easily died. Feel free to scream as you watch him crash and… » 12/06/13 7:53pm 12/06/13 7:53pm

How Creed Saved a Norwegian Boy From a Pack of Wolves

Earlier this week, in the Norwegian town of Rakkestad, 13-year-old Walter Eikrem was walking home from school when he crossed paths with a pack of wolves. With his life on the line, he had to think quick. He blasted Creed. » 1/20/11 3:35pm 1/20/11 3:35pm

One Man's Mile-Long Sewer Journey Ends at Golf Tournament

A 3,000 gallon surge of raw sewage sucked a Missouri construction worker one mile through a 27-inch wide sewer pipe before he was finally rescued at the 15th hole of a golf course yesterday. He's recovering in the hospital. » 10/13/10 9:39am 10/13/10 9:39am

625 Volts of Third Rail Juice Is No Match for This Street Fighting Man

Ever wonder what it's like to fall on the third rail? Just ask Andy Morris, who was thrown onto the tracks in East New York: "He first started twitching and then you started seeing smoke coming from his head." Ouch. » 9/09/10 9:26am 9/09/10 9:26am

How Did Only One Person Die in This Insane Plane Crash?

This plane crashed in the Caribbean on Monday. It broke into three pieces. Of the 125 passengers, only one died. How is that possible? (If you say "Jacob" I will kill you.) » 8/17/10 10:24am 8/17/10 10:24am

Japanese Shower Cap Claims to Regrow Hair at the Cost of Dignity

Laugh all you want. But there's a balding guy reading this right now who can't help but to hear the whole pitch. (I'm with you, buddy! Let's do this!) » 3/20/09 6:20pm 3/20/09 6:20pm

Incredible Dice Stacking Trick is Near-Miraculous

Who knew this kind of dice stacking was even possible? Damn, this guy is good. Are those trick dice? [Break]

UPDATE: Impressed by that video? Think it's a camera trick? On the next page, see another dice stacking video that's even more amazing. They can't all be camera tricks! » 9/27/07 11:15am 9/27/07 11:15am

DirecTiVos to Get Updates (For Some Crazy Reason)

Hallelujah! For some reason, TiVo and DirecTV are updating the older Series 2 generation DirecTiVos as part of an ongoing agreement to explore bringing "future enhancements" to DirecTV TiVo owners. The improvments now include the addition of the Recently Deleted shows folder, Remote Booking, and Overlap Protection… » 7/31/07 10:34pm 7/31/07 10:34pm

Bottom Reformulator Cushion: Do the Math

Why bother with all that pesky exercising, weight control and the luck of genetics when all you need to do is park that big ol' booty on the Bottom Reformulator Cushion, and it will turn that sack of potatoes into two perfectly-formed orbs. » 7/18/06 12:27pm 7/18/06 12:27pm