Miramax Launches Biggest Facebook Movie App Yet

Miramax just released an app named Miramax eXperience that will allow U.S. users to rent up to 20 different movies through Facebook. You'll be able to watch films like No Country for Old Men and Pulp Fiction for $3 each through Facebook or Google TV, or on your iPad's browser. Pretty cool, considering the former costs… » 8/22/11 12:25pm 8/22/11 12:25pm

Miramax Classes Up Netflix with Pulp Fiction, Shakespeare in Love, and Other Oscar Faves

I know. Sometimes Netflix Watch Instantly seems like an endless stream of Daddy Daycare sequels, as more and more studios strip away the good stuff. But take heart! Miramax just signed a multi-year agreement that's going to deliver lots of high-quality movies starring people with cool accents, starting in June. » 5/16/11 8:37am 5/16/11 8:37am