DIY Magic Mirror Makes Disney's Look Positively Low Tech

This is for those of you who got a shiver when the magic mirror spoke to the witch in Snow White... or rather, it's the sort of thing that'll give your kids a shiver in this electronic age. A guy called Al has hooked up an old PC, an LCD screen, an Arduino board and a slew of sensors to give his daughters their very… »10/27/08 1:15pm10/27/08 1:15pm


Robotic Vanity Mirror Concept Follows Your Mug Around the Room

Face-tracking webcams are a dime a dozen, but this is the first time we've seen a mirror that zeros in on your face, following our ugly mug regardless of whether we duck or tilt. The mirror was created by Marie Sester, and although it's only a concept, it works just like you'd imagine. The only downside is that it… »5/21/07 9:18am5/21/07 9:18am