How to Make a Laser-Sighted Slingshot

Sorry, squirrels. Sorry, neighbors. Sorry, kid sister. Sorry, pets. Sorry, Grandma. Sorry, teacher. Sorry, just about everyone else. With this DIY laser-sighted slingshot, all my mischief is about to get a lot more accurate. » 11/23/10 4:40pm 11/23/10 4:40pm

Sling Shot Pen Will Make You the Dennis the Menace of the Office

This is a pen that is also a slingshot. That means you can shoot a rock at the head of that dick in the cubicle across the aisle from you that always listens to his headphones loud enough for you to hear it, but then when he goes looking for a culprit, you'll just be making some notes on the latest earnings report. The … » 2/29/08 4:30pm 2/29/08 4:30pm