Ten Common Misconceptions Debunked In Under Four Minutes

Readers, I know you're intelligent. You know the average person doesn't swallow eight spiders each year, that the Great Wall of China isn't visible from space, and that cracked knuckles don't result in arthritis. But some of your friends are probably dumb, so show them this. » 1/25/12 4:46am 1/25/12 4:46am

White Geek in Japan: Weird Washing Machines

We got the whitest geek we could find and threw him into Japan to see if he'd survive. Here are his pleas for a return ticket.
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From: Matt
RE: Washing Machine/Air Conditioner Combo Saves Space, Chills Clothes
I saw your post about the air conditioning/washing machine combo, and since I'm on my second… » 8/20/07 5:28pm 8/20/07 5:28pm