Linksys Seizes Misprinted Hotline Number, Puts An End To Sexy Party

Remember that misprinted Linksys tech-support number that led callers to a phone-sex hotline? Well, Cisco-Linksys has flexed its muscles, scooping up the number and reprogramming it with good old-fashioned helpful info. No more sexy time for you, unless of course you listen to our previously recorded version of the… » 12/03/07 3:29pm 12/03/07 3:29pm

Linksys Tech Support Misprint Leads to Phone Sex Hotline

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I hit Circuit City with my mom on Black Friday to pick up the greatest and cheapest router ever, the Linksys WRH54G, costing a slim Andrew Jackson after the mail-in rebate. As far as I could tell, there was only a single flaw with the thing: the toll-free technical support number in the manual wasn't… » 11/28/07 5:33pm 11/28/07 5:33pm