Spectacular photo of a missile launch from a Russian fighter jet's wing

Very cool high resolution shot of a missile launch from the wing of a Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker. According to Cenciotti at The Aviationist, it's an R-73, a "heat-seeking, short-range missile with a sensitive, cryogenic cooled seeker that can "see" targets up to 40° off the missile's centerline." » 2/24/15 11:45pm 2/24/15 11:45pm

One of the most amazing nuclear explosions ever recorded on film

As things get hotter between Russia and NATO, Putin is waving his nuclear dick around. Russia plans to conduct massive nuclear war maneuvers. Yesterday it successfully tested its new Bulava ("Mace") submarine launched nuclear missile, hitting its target with complete accuracy with its dummy warheads. » 9/11/14 7:56am 9/11/14 7:56am

Missile launch looks like hilarious fail until you see what happens next

When I started to watch this video I thought "oh, that's funny, a failed missile launch." Obviously, it didn't fail at all. That's exactly how the nuclear-capable anti-submarine missile RPK-2 Viyuga is launched: Just throw it in the water and it will come alive to deliver its warhead up to 28 miles away. » 7/25/14 12:56am 7/25/14 12:56am

America's next hypersonic missile seems designed by ACME and the Coyote

This is Lockheed Martin's concept for a High Speed Strike Weapon that will enable the United States to strike anywhere in the world within hours. They claim it's been designed by Skunk Works—their advanced research division—but it looks like they ordered it from an ACME catalog. » 11/12/13 11:14am 11/12/13 11:14am

China’s DF-21D Missile Is a One-Shot Aircraft Carrier Killer

Since the end of WWII, America's naval might has been undisputed and our aircraft carriers have been its crown jewels. However, the days of dominance could end with China's new DF-21D ballistic missile—the only device on Earth capable of sinking an aircraft carrier—four and a half acres of sovereign US… » 7/24/12 11:30am 7/24/12 11:30am

This X-Band Radar System Is What Keeps Iran and Israel from Nuking Each Other

One hundred US soldiers—the only foreign troops in all of Israel—are stationed atop Mt. Keren, deep in the Negev Desert. Their mission: To monitor Iranian airspace 1000 miles to the Northeast for any sign of a missile launch. Their weapon: The THAAD radar, the most advanced mobile radar array on Earth. » 6/01/12 12:40pm 6/01/12 12:40pm

Residential Buildings in London Will House Surface-to-Air Missiles During the Olympics

Large-scale, international events like the Olympics are often considered as targets for terrorist attacks. The UK's Ministry of Defence is taking that extremely seriously: it's placing surface-to-air missiles on a residential apartment building during the summer's sporting event. » 4/30/12 6:01am 4/30/12 6:01am

How to Kill China's 'Carrier-Killer' Missile: Jam, Spoof and Shoot

China has developed a missile that would turn an aircraft carrier into a two-billion-dollar hulk of twisted metal, flame, and dead sailors. Publicly, the U.S. Navy downplays its importance. Privately, the sailors are working out several different options to kill it before it kills them. » 3/16/12 5:20pm 3/16/12 5:20pm