Perfect Custom Action Figures Based On Classic Atari Video Game Box Art

If there ever was a strong case for a false advertising lawsuit, it would involve the box art that accompanied the countless video games released in the '80s. Rarely did the artwork match the visuals in the actual game, but instead of taking companies like Atari to court, artist Dan Polydoris has turned the characters… »3/06/15 2:15pm3/06/15 2:15pm


Giant Missile Command: The Best Use of Multitouch to Date

So, multitouch has some interesting applications, but all pale in comparison to playing a two-player version of Missile Command. The clone was installed by Steve Mason at the Obscura Digital production studios' massive 8'X4' multitouch wall—and as you can see in the video after the break, It looks like a good time,… »5/12/08 8:30pm5/12/08 8:30pm