13 Features the iPhone 5 Definitely Won't Have

Everyone is going crazy over all the new features that are being "confirmed" by Apple's website. And sure, that's fun, but we thought we'd do you one better. Instead of just telling you what will be in the iPhone 5, here's a list of what's been left on the cutting room floor. » 9/12/12 11:14am 9/12/12 11:14am

Question of the Day: Which Missing iPhone Feature Would You Like to…

Over the weekend we learned that the iPhone firmware 2.2 beta was going out to developers sans copy/paste (again). Apple claims that it is not a top priority but, to be honest, I'm beginning to think that it will never happen. Nonetheless, AT&T released a survey to customers in an attempt to determine what the level of… » 10/27/08 4:50pm 10/27/08 4:50pm