TKTK HEADLINE HERE: 9 Joyfully Awkward Publishing Screwups

The only good and pure site on the internet, Clickhole, recently reminded us of every blogger's worst nightmare: A post published with placeholder text. It's happened many times before, and we can only hope it will happen again. Because who doesn't love laughing at mistakes, as long as they're not your own? » 12/15/14 12:40pm 12/15/14 12:40pm

Tell Us Your Most Embarrassing Wrong Window Story

You know the feeling. The realization that in the midst of a rapid-fire flurry of chats, you've made a terrible mistake. A mistake that, best case scenario, means you told colleague a joke meant for a friend. Or, worst case scenario, means that you just called your coworker "sweet boy." » 11/13/14 1:02pm 11/13/14 1:02pm

Editor Accidentally Copy-Pastes Facebook Status Into Newspaper Article

Readers of the Memphis Commercial Appeal found a strangely out-of-place paragraph in an article about business zoning regulations: A 350-plus word status update apparently intended for the Facebook page of the newspaper's copy editor. At least she alerted us that it'd be long. » 8/08/14 4:00pm 8/08/14 4:00pm

What's the Most Embarrassing Tech Mistake You Ever Made?

Technology is great. The devices we use give us near-infinite powers to create, learn, and communicate worldwide. But sometimes, we have misfires. Operator errors. Lapses of judgment that zip instantly to all corners of the digital world. Come, tell us your tales of e-embarrassment. » 8/02/14 5:00pm 8/02/14 5:00pm

It Only Takes One Bozo To Kill Your Cloud Data

Think all your data is safe and sound in The Cloud? Maybe you shouldn't be so sure. Yesterday, a system administrator at a cloud service data center accidentally rebooted every single server at once by accident. It's a handy reminder that you're only one idiot away from total data annihilation. » 5/28/14 1:40pm 5/28/14 1:40pm

A Design Flaw Is Turning the London Shard Hotel Into a Voyeur's Dream

You'd think staying in the tallest skyscraper in London would afford you some privacy. But visitors at the newly-opened hotel inside of the Shard are being creeped out by the bizarre effects of a simple design flaw—which reflects the view inside of certain rooms directly onto the windows of nearby guests at night. » 5/12/14 10:42am 5/12/14 10:42am

"Worlds' Oldest Diamonds" Turned Out to Be Leftover Cleaning Supplies

Back in 2007, scientists found evidence of our planet's first continents in the form of 4.3 billion-year-old diamonds—old as the very Earth itself. And these diamonds were finally going to give us the insight into the evolution of Earth's crust that we've been searching for. Now, six years later, there's just one… » 12/30/13 6:00pm 12/30/13 6:00pm

Air Force Officers Keep Leaving the Doors to Our Nuclear Missiles Open

Not to scare you or anything, but Air Force officers have left the blast doors to nuclear-tipped missiles open at least twice in the past year. These are the guys who help guard the launch codes who are also tasked with watching over the arsenal. Leaving the missiles available and unattended is a very, very big no-no. » 10/22/13 4:40pm 10/22/13 4:40pm

Vice Magazine Just Accidentally Revealed Where John McAfee Is Hiding…

Next in line at the great journalistic jungle buffet is Vice, which sent down two dudes to chat with paranoid/fugitive John McAfee and reprint his various insane thoughts. And more: they forgot to clear GPS data in an uploaded photo. » 12/03/12 4:22pm 12/03/12 4:22pm

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The 12 Biggest Missed Opportunities in Tech

The tech world is full of flops. This ain't them; some of these companies and their products were monstrously successful for a time; others never even had the high expectations and hype required for something to earn the title "flop". » 5/22/12 2:30pm 5/22/12 2:30pm

Feuding Women Inadvertently Create Toxic Gas In the Middle of a Wal-Mart

Hey, did you hear the one about the two women fighting in a Wal-Mart? It's a real gas! No, really, that's not a punchline. Two women threw ammonia and bleach at one another and created poisonous gas in a Wall-Mart: » 10/08/11 4:35pm 10/08/11 4:35pm

Nuking a Hurricane Would Be a Really Bad Idea

Did we learn nothing from Independence Day? Nuking things for nuking's sake just doesn't work like we think it might. Take a hurricane, for example. It'd be relatively immune to whatever ordinance Bill Pullman—sorry, humanity—might throw at it. » 8/28/11 7:00pm 8/28/11 7:00pm

Tablet Sales Are Just Fine, Thank You

Seems a few people forgot to read IDC's tablet report extra carefully this weekend and as a result of that the whole tablet thing was deemed to have come up short of "lofty expectations" or something. But they're actually fine. » 7/10/11 7:00pm 7/10/11 7:00pm Forgets His Own Lyrics During Performance, Reads Them from…

Have you ever unwittingly memorized the lyrics to a Black Eyed Peas song? Of course you have—they're too damn catchy not to remember! Which is why this video, of frontman resorting to reading the words to his own song from a cellphone during a recent performance of "Don't Stop the Party" on French TV, is… » 6/10/11 6:40am 6/10/11 6:40am

Blue Angels Commanding Officer Steps Down for Flying Too Aggressively

Commander Dave Koss, commanding officer of the Navy's venerable Blue Angels flight demonstration team, has voluntarily stepped down after taking his four-man team too close to the flight deck during a Barrel Roll Break maneuver. » 5/29/11 2:00pm 5/29/11 2:00pm

Time Warner Cable Charges Man $16 Million to Watch March Madness

How much do you love basketball? Enough to pay your cable bill? Probably. Enough to pay $16 million dollars? Probably not! So you can imagine the surprise of Ohioan Daniel DeVirgilio when he learned TWC tried to do just that. » 3/25/11 8:20pm 3/25/11 8:20pm

How This Drunk Tweet Got Sent From the American Red Cross's Account

Followers of the American Red Cross looking forward to the usual blood drive updates were surprised to find this tweet in their feeds two nights ago. It's not every day the world's largest volunteer services gets "slizzered." » 2/17/11 11:20am 2/17/11 11:20am

So what happened? Was it a malicious hack to make the ARC seem like a bunch of lushes? Nah.… » 2/17/11 11:20am 2/17/11 11:20am

Yahoo! Can't Tell the Difference Between Yoko Ono and World of Warcraft…

"John Lennon's family and friends today": What do they look like? According to Yahoo! (taking a page from the Washington Post) they look like a World of Warcraft orc or monster or something. No wonder the Beatles broke up! » 12/08/10 10:00am 12/08/10 10:00am

Some Would Think a BlackBerry Torch Running Android and Motoblur is a…

After a Droid X was seen 'shopped with the iPhone's Google Maps in a Verizon ad, it should come as no surprise to see an advert of a BlackBerry Torch running Android and—gasp!—Motoblur. » 12/03/10 4:20am 12/03/10 4:20am

College Kid Discovers False Murder Accusation While Googling Himself

Most of us probably Google ourselves semi-regularly, right? (Right guys...?) But if there's one thing worse than discovering you're an online nobody, it's discovering that you've been wrongfully accused of murder by your local police department. How very embarrassing! » 11/30/10 12:40pm 11/30/10 12:40pm