This Supercooling Fridge Chills Food To Sub-Zero Without Freezing It

The current trend in fridge innovation involves adding extra doors, built-in soda dispensers, and pointless touchscreens. So it's refreshing when a company like Mitsubishi brings a truly unique advancement to its new refrigerators in the form of a freezer drawer that chills food to three degrees below freezing,… » 5/28/14 3:40pm 5/28/14 3:40pm

It's Amazing These Perfectly Synced Gears Don't Shred Each Other

If you've ever shuddered at the sound of the gears grinding on your car's manual transmission, you might have a hard time watching this video. But don't dismay, as these three gears spinning at 4,500 RPM come in and out of sync with each other, at no point do they ever interfere or grind against each other. » 10/03/13 9:39am 10/03/13 9:39am

This Air Conditioner Uses Predator-Vision For Targeted Coolings

If you've ever struggled to get the cool breeze from a wall-mounted air conditioner aimed exactly where you need it, you'll want to earmark some cash for Mitsubishi this November. That's when the company will be releasing its new Z Series Kirigamine air conditioners, featuring an infra-red camera that can detect and… » 8/26/13 9:40am 8/26/13 9:40am

Mitsubishi's Remote Control Tankbot Is Yet Another Member of the Robot…

We may not have had the wide variety of radiation-resistant robots we needed before Fukushima, but we're certainly getting it now. Following Toshiba's four-legged dogbot, Mitsubishi is rolling out their own four-tredded tankbot that aims to fix up a disaster site without sending anyone in. » 12/08/12 5:00pm 12/08/12 5:00pm

Sony Says Up to Half Its HDTVs Will be 3D in 2012

Whether or not the success of 3D TV hinges on the popularity of 3D films like Avatar, or just our willingness to give in and wear stupid glasses, one thing is clear: TV makers are all about 3D right now. Sony for instance, has 3D laptops, TVs, and Blu-ray players (plus 3D PlayStation games) planned for next year, and… » 11/30/09 9:37am 11/30/09 9:37am

Mitsubishi's Amazing LaserVue Televisions Now Shipping

While promising display technologies like SED » 10/28/08 1:00pm 10/28/08 1:00pm have pretty much disappeared from the Earth, Mitsubishi has actually begun shipping their 65" LaserVue TVs. These sets suck less power than LCDs and feature two times the color of most competitive sets. Oh...but these sets still run almost $7,000 a pop. So that whole…