Windows Marketplace Will Be the Only Source For Windows Phone 7 Apps

What many feared (or briefly thought about without much emotion either way) has turned out to be true: Microsoft PR has confirmed that Windows Marketplace for Mobile will be the only source for Windows Phone 7 apps, meaning that you can't sideload apps, and that Microsoft will be the sole gatekeeper for all apps on the … » 3/15/10 4:10pm 3/15/10 4:10pm

Windows Phone 7 Apps: Everything You Need To Know

Windows Phone 7 Series: It's a thing! And it looks pretty great, so far. Last month's announcement, though, left a lot of questions. Questions which are answered here, in Gizmodo's live updated coverage of Microsoft's MIX 2010 keynote. » 3/15/10 12:12pm 3/15/10 12:12pm