Super-Sleek Aurora Open Source DJ Mixer Can Be Built From a Kit

We love open source hardware, especially when it can throw some MIDI flange and fade into your party like the Aurora-a dual-channel, USB-powered DJ mixer. All the schematics, bills of materials and source code can be nabbed for free online, or you can have one built and shipped. And it can pull off a pretty mean LED… »7/09/08 6:00pm7/09/08 6:00pm

DJ Mixes Audio and Video to Awesome Effect On New Pioneer SVM-1000

This is DJ Roonie G demonstrating Pioneer's new SVM-1000 mixer at the launch event last night, which brought out big names in electronic music like BT and Tommy Lee. The SVM-1000 adds a new layer to traditional DJing by letting the artist mix both audio and video on as many as four channels. Hit the jump for more info… »11/08/07 11:46am11/08/07 11:46am

DJ4: Two-Source Mixer Has Two Big Knobs, Doesn't Go Up to 11

For some reason, that headline sounds just wrong, but whatever. Here's the Bird Electoron DJ-4, "the passive type micro mixer of power source unnecessary." In other words: Yes, it's from Japan and yes, it's a very simple passive mixer with two mini-stereo inputs and one output. The seller for me is the two big analog… »5/25/07 7:36am5/25/07 7:36am

Finger Beats Next Generation: Let Your Fingers Do The Annoying

They're back - and unlike the last time they've got a headphone jack. That is considerate. This one is Alien Choir, which brings to mind the words "heinous" and "cacophony", but my money's on the Finger Beats Bongos. Budding Oakenfolds can annoy their chums with the Finger Beats Mixer. They're $38.95 and available… »3/07/07 4:38am3/07/07 4:38am