This Mixer Could Have Originally Been an Industrial Factory Robot

Mixing and kneading dough for bread can be a back-breaking process. It's a chore best left to a grandparent who's been doing it all their life—or a machine like Bosch's new MaxxiMUM mixer, which actually looks like a robotic arm from an automotive factory that was laid off but has since found other work. » 9/10/14 9:54am 9/10/14 9:54am

Diet Mixers Get You Drunk Faster

You might think that if you're mixing a cocktail it's only the liquor you should worry about. But new research suggests that the type of mixer you use also plays a role in how the booze affects your body. » 2/06/13 6:48am 2/06/13 6:48am

Bodum's New Bistro Stand Mixer Has Me Itching to Bake

Bodum makes really great accessories for the kitchen, and it's just expanded that selection with the Bistro Electric stand mixer $400. Huh, suddenly I have the urge to make a giant batch of cookies. » 12/17/12 5:00pm 12/17/12 5:00pm

Mackie's iPad Controlled Mixer Lets Sound Techs Escape the Booth

Mackie's compact mixers can be found in recording studios across the country, but the company's new iPad-controlled DL1608 is sure to be a hit for live performances since it allows engineers to wander the venue, fine tuning the mix from every corner. » 1/26/12 3:20pm 1/26/12 3:20pm

The Scratch Deck (The Other DJ Controller)

This is awkward. We just got a glimpse of DJ Hero's mixer, and now we see an entirely new peripheral for an entirely different game called Scratch: The Ultimate DJ (for Xbox 360 and PS3). » 5/27/09 9:35am 5/27/09 9:35am

Gardner Baby Grand Piano Master: Classical DJing

Some DJs bust out the old school and some DJs bust out the really old school. The Baby Grand Master is for the really, really old school. » 4/23/07 5:15am 4/23/07 5:15am

Stanton C.314 CD/MP3 Mixer Player DJ Thing

This is the latest in Stanton's arsenal of next-gen DJ equipment. No longer will crates of vinyl be needed at DJ gigs, just pop the C.314 in and go to town. Stanton claims this device is user friendly, I just think it looks pretty. The large touch-sensitive jog wheel in the middle allows for scratching and beat… » 7/13/06 1:53pm 7/13/06 1:53pm

BCD2000 Mix & Scratch DJ/VJ Controller Reviewed (Verdict: Good, Mostly)

What with these kids today carrying around their laptops for DJing, live visuals and VJing, and live laptop music, there's a surprising dearth of physical controls for playing laptops live. » 6/02/06 6:34pm 6/02/06 6:34pm

Faderfoxs Second Generation DJ Controllers

All the way from Germany comes news of Faderfox s latest compact DJ controllers. Compatible with the Ableton Live and Traktor DJ Studio music mixing software, the LV2 (pictured here), DJ2, DX2 and LX2 all boast MIDI interfaces, German engineering as well as just about 1 million buttons each, useful, no doubt, for all… » 3/06/06 8:44am 3/06/06 8:44am

Hard Drive Noise Mixer

Valentina Vuksic has taken one out of the Gizmodo book and has created a sound mixer that gets its beats from dying hard drives. If you recall, Gizmodo had a Hard Drive Dying Track Contest back in January. » 3/03/06 8:00am 3/03/06 8:00am

iPod DJ Station is GO

Woop woop! Everybody over there! Put your hands in the air! Skrikka Skrikka Skrikka. The iPod DJ mixing thingie is apparently the real deal and will be available from Numark. Specs include: » 7/22/05 12:09pm 7/22/05 12:09pm