What's Up With MLB.TV, And How Can It Be Fixed?

MLB's online offering has long been the technological leader among U.S. major sports. That's no surprise given the size and financial power of MLB Advanced Media, but repeated issues with the service across devices this season have made MLB.TV look more like NBA League Pass. » 4/03/14 3:38pm 4/03/14 3:38pm

MLB's Crappy Replay Tech: It's A Miracle Umps Ever Get A Call Right

Much has been made of umpire Angel Hernandez's botching of replay review in last night's Oakland-Cleveland game, a mistake that might have cost the A's the game. You've doubtless already seen the play numerous times on your home TV or computer screen, but you've probably never seen it the way Hernandez did—or how every … » 5/09/13 5:52pm 5/09/13 5:52pm

All the Major Sport Competitions Since 1903 Condensed In Beautiful…

If you like sports and awesome data visualization, you will love these posters, which can be printed to order in beautiful paper. You can choose the final playoffs of every major sport event since 1903—427 brackets from the American MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLS to the European Champions League, the UEFA Euro and FIFA's… » 7/20/12 1:00am 7/20/12 1:00am

Baseball Gloves with MLB Players' Twitter Handles Are So Very Useless

Because professional athletes use Twitter to communicate with their fans (somewhat true), follow hot girls (very true) and show off how interesting and well-rounded they are (rarely true), sports leagues have decided to use players' Twitter handles as a gross promotion vehicle. It's even invaded the teensiest of… » 5/21/12 11:00am 5/21/12 11:00am

Apple TV Can Be the Cable-less Future Sports Fans Have Dreamed Of

For a die hard sports fan, it's a sad, tough life without cable. You need it to watch all the games you can! Hell, it's really the only reason why I still fork over a $100 every month to money-garbing Time Warner these days. But with Apple TV now being able to stream MLB.tv and NBA League Pass? I'm cutting my cable… » 3/10/11 1:00pm 3/10/11 1:00pm

MLB.TV Streams Every Game Through Apple TV Now

Seamheads, rejoice! The indescribable wonder that is MLB.TV now comes part and parcel with Apple TV, meaning you'll be able to stream any game, any time, through the set-top box. You'll need to be an MLB.TV subscriber, which starts at $100 for the season, but you won't need any software trickeration other than updating … » 3/09/11 1:54pm 3/09/11 1:54pm