All the Major Sport Competitions Since 1903 Condensed In Beautiful Circular Graphics

If you like sports and awesome data visualization, you will love these posters, which can be printed to order in beautiful paper. You can choose the final playoffs of every major sport event since 1903—427 brackets from the American MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLS to the European Champions League, the UEFA Euro and FIFA's… »7/20/12 1:00am7/20/12 1:00am


The Future of Watching Sports: A View Inside A Pro Athlete's Body

Increasingly, the image of a "sports nerd" is a pasty weakling with a laptop and a spreadsheet. It's Moneyball's fault, or something. But for more fluid sports like soccer, deep statistical analysis has proven challenging. Not anymore. Adidas is tracking every movement of every player in the MLS—and soon, maybe all of… »7/19/12 2:00pm7/19/12 2:00pm