That Mysterious, Possibly Mafia-Connected Safe Has Been Opened But…

Do you remember that mysterious safe hidden behind a wall inside Bill's Casino in Reno? Well, it's been opened. Cool! Not really, since it was opened and filmed by Oprah's people for a TV special. So no one knows what's inside still. TV drama! » 9/21/11 8:20pm 9/21/11 8:20pm

Zombies Mob SF Apple Store, Forget IDs at Home, Pay Cash Instead

The Zombie flash mob group—yes, they're exactly how they sound—over at organized and pulled off an SF Apple Store invasion yesterday. Brain- and flesh-eating Zombies filed into the Apple store and feasted on white plastic along with their usual blood and guts, which probably helped their digestion a… » 5/26/07 5:40pm 5/26/07 5:40pm