Try Firefox (Fennec) For Android Right Now

Watching Firefox Mobile (Fennec) has been frustrating. First, it arrives for Nokia tablets. But who uses Nokia tablets? Then, for Windows Mobile, which is dying. Thankfully, Fennec for Android—its only viable platform, for now—is coming along nicely. » 3/30/10 1:51pm 3/30/10 1:51pm

Firefox Mobile Pre-Alpha Now Available for VGA Windows Mobile Phones

Just as Mozilla's developer wiki cryptically promised last week, a pre-alpha build of Firefox Mobile 'Fennec' has been made available for the HTC Touch Pro, though it'll work on many other VGA (480x640) WinMo phones. » 2/11/09 6:11am 2/11/09 6:11am

Apple Hit With Bizarre, Poorly Scanned iPhone Browsing Patent Suit

Granted, there aren't that many original » 11/25/08 7:32am 11/25/08 7:32am to sue Apple anymore, but this one is just peculiar. , a successful commercial real estate developer, is suing the company because he claims to hold a patent for "the way the iPhone navigates the Internet." He was indeed granted an internet-ish patent in late October, but it's…