Net Neutrality Must Apply to Mobile Internet Access Too

Recent debate about network neutrality has largely focused on how to make sure broadband providers don't manipulate their customers' Internet connections (or as John Oliver put it, how to prevent "cable company f*ckery"). But in today's world of smartphones and tablets people are spending less of their time on the… »7/09/14 5:20am7/09/14 5:20am

AT&T's Got Just the $500/Month Data Plan You Weren't Looking For

The latest additions to AT&T's new data plan stable are ostentatious, we'll give them that. Want 30GB, 40GB, or 50GB of monthly mobile data? Sure thing, chief. That'll just be up to $500 per month. Oh, plus another $30 for each additional smartphone. Per month. Go over that massive cap? An extra $15 per gig please. »3/18/13 12:10pm3/18/13 12:10pm

NXP Cell Modem Will Pull Down 150Mbits, Connect to Just About Anything

NXP's new softmodem will be the fastest in the world and work with a range of data protocols, including LTE, WiMax, HSPA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS and GSM. While the modem's over-the-top theoretical speeds will be sharply limited by available cellular networks, its network-promiscuity will allow for actual global phones that… »6/12/08 5:40pm6/12/08 5:40pm