Silver-Zinc Batteries Coming in 2009 With 40% Better Run Time Than…

Lithium-ion is, by far, the most common form of rechargeable battery found in today's mobile devices. However, a shift towards silver zinc may be looming on the horizon thanks to a new product in development by ZPower, Inc. Ross E. Dueber, president and CEO of the company is scheduled to address attendees at the… » 10/07/08 1:48pm 10/07/08 1:48pm

Spider-Man Sacrfices His Face to Hold Your Cellphone in a Car

Poor Spidey. His disembodied head suction-cupped to your windshield, forced to hold your mobile devices with his face. That's no way for a superhero to go out. On the plus side though, this little plastic gadget will give you a unique place to store your cellphone while keeping it at eye level in case you receive a… » 6/25/08 3:00pm 6/25/08 3:00pm

Foxconn Rolls Out the Latest Pico Projector Prototype

Foxconn rolled out another handheld Pico Projector device at Computex this week, packing a .3-inch Texas Instruments DLP chip and 854x480 resolution into a small package roughly the size of a matchbox (just 65 grams). Though Pico Projectors have been supported by many heavyweights such as 3M, Texas Instruments and… » 6/04/08 8:16pm 6/04/08 8:16pm

Honlai's MP100 Palm-Sized LED Projector For Puny PowerPoint…

The MP100 may not be as capable as other palm-sized projectors, but what it lacks in terms of spec it makes up for in design. Actually, scratch that. I have absolutely no idea how a projector with a 5-watt LED, 10-15 lumen output, and 200:1 contrast ratio could be even the slightest bit useful. Plus, it can only throw… » 6/03/08 6:40pm 6/03/08 6:40pm

Tame Cube Concept: A Good Excuse is Just a Roll Away

If you are a multitasker that receives numerous calls, texts, IMs, Facebook messages and the like, you may find something useful in the idea behind this Tame Cube concept. Each side of the cube can be customized with a status message of your choosing and can be synced to your devices and applications. For example, if… » 4/10/08 8:00pm 4/10/08 8:00pm

Video: Microvision Pico Projector Throwing iPod Video...on Some Dude's…

Up until now we have only heard about Microvision's "plug-and-play" pico projector for mobile devices like PDAs, PMPs, digital cameras and laptops. Now that CES is here our own Nick McGlynn got the opportunity to see what this bad boy can really do. We also learned that the device pictured here is actually a… » 1/07/08 9:19pm 1/07/08 9:19pm