Firefox Mobile Won't Be Foxing Up Android Anytime Soon

Often, when people carp about Mobile Firefox or Opera not being able to run on the iPhone 'cause of Apple's SDK restrictions »11/10/08 10:30am11/10/08 10:30am, they'll point to Android and say "I can't wait for Mobile Firefox on Android" or some variation of that, since Android theoretically doesn't have any limitations. I've got some bad news for…

Mozilla CEO: First Firefox Mobile Alpha Release "In a Few Weeks"

When we saw Firefox Mobile in action a few months ago »10/06/08 3:00pm10/06/08 3:00pm, it looked pretty snazzy, but we were a bit concerned by a few reports floating around that it might be a long wait to actually get our hands on it. Happily, that's not the case. Mozilla CEO John Lilly says that we'll see the first Firefox Mobile alpha releases "in…

Mobile Firefox Is Six Times Faster Than Nokia's Browser on the N810

Anyone worried about Firefox's penchant for leaving a massive memory footprint when it makes the move to mobile can breathe a little bit easier. The hard optimization tweaks made during Firefox 3's development cycle have paid off: Benchmarks on Nokia's N810 show that the latest Mobile Firefox build is six times faster… »4/09/08 9:00pm4/09/08 9:00pm