What's the Best Game for Killing Time With Your Phone? 

Once upon a time, humans had to entertain themselves during the few idle minutes of waiting in line. No more! Now we have pocket computers with access to dozens of games at once. Tell us, which are you favorites? » 2/13/15 6:40pm 2/13/15 6:40pm

Celebrate Game Boy's 25th Anniversary With a Tetris Birthday Card

Nintendo's Game Boy turned 25 this week. We've come a very long way in mobile gaming since then, but the gray brick with the queasy green screen still holds a place in our hearts. And Petr Tichy's browser-based tribute brings back the most universal Game Boy memory of all: Tetris. Go ahead, hum along with the music. » 4/26/14 9:00am 4/26/14 9:00am

Holy Shit I Just Spent $236 on Candy Crush, Help

I don't understand. It's just Bejeweled. With candy. What's the big deal? Innocent words from a better time. A better place. Before I'd ever made that deplorable journey to the App Store and downloaded... it. Candy Crush Saga. Now, about a month later, I've lost a little over $230, hours of battery life, and any… » 8/07/13 3:30pm 8/07/13 3:30pm

Book People Random House Teams Up With Games People THQ For Ebook and…

This will be one of those behemoth marriages where everyone benefits—a little like Brangelina, and we're all the adopted kids. Ebooks, graphic novels and online/console/phone games are expected to come out of the partnership, which will see books spinning out of successful game titles. » 4/04/11 3:50am 4/04/11 3:50am

How to Cheat at Angry Birds: Purchase the New Mighty Eagle Character

Can't get past some of the trickier levels in Angry Birds? Rovio has introduced a new character to the flock, with the Mighty Eagle having a brilliant feather in its cap—the ability to blitz through levels. » 9/14/10 6:33am 9/14/10 6:33am

Are You Smarter Than These iPhone Games?

So many iPhone games depend on the program's artificial intelligence to challenge you, and so few seem up to the task. Which makes Fidgit's overview of four games with competent AI a welcome relief. I can vouch for Carcassonne. [Fidgit] » 9/09/10 10:00pm 9/09/10 10:00pm

Bye Bye Brain Says Hello to Windows Phone 7

It looks like Windows Phone 7 is going to have at least one pretty game on it when it arrives, in the shape of Bye Bye Brain—a 3D zombie-based tower defense game. » 9/06/10 11:37am 9/06/10 11:37am

EA Holding Out on Windows Phone 7

The announced list of Windows Phone 7 games was impressive! But noticeably absent was EA, who's dragging their heals on officially committing to the platform. » 8/19/10 12:29pm 8/19/10 12:29pm

Zeemote JS1 Nunchuk Gaming Controller Bundles With Sony Ericsson W760

The Zeemote analog joystick controller for Bluetooth phones is now starting to see the light of day, at least for lucky Dutch W760 buyers, who will get it free as a promo package. This isn't the Wii-like motion-control version the company has been promising, and still no word on U.S. pricing or availability, but it… » 8/04/08 10:30am 8/04/08 10:30am

EA iPhone Games Upgrades: Scrabble Getting Multiplayer, Tetris Getting…

The three games we already saw on the iPhone from EA are Scrabble, Tetris and Sudoku. Scrabble is getting Wi-Fi upgrade for multiplayer plus accelerometer action that shakes up the words on your tray. Tetris is getting a feature where you can actually draw the upcoming piece right on your screen. Upcoming games are … » 7/14/08 7:14pm 7/14/08 7:14pm

Gosub 60's Camera Phone Darts: Here's Tomato In Your Eye

A few days ago we ripped DoCoMo for thinking about turning the phone into a Wii remote, but now I think the technology was unfairly compared to Nintendo's little miracle baby. As we said, there's no room for swashbuckling or tennis, but the right motion-sensitive phone game can be fun. And here, I'm talking about… » 4/25/07 9:59pm 4/25/07 9:59pm