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The Complete Guide to Getting Online Anywhere, Any Time

In a very short time frame we've become constantly connected, able to get our internet fix anytime, anywhere. Most of us are more than a little reliant on our Internet connections. MaximumPC breaks down some of the different devices and services that provide internet access across all fifty states, delivering that… » 7/22/11 12:30pm 7/22/11 12:30pm

A Message From Russia: Turtles Are Reluctantly USB Compatible

In what is apparently an advertisement for a Russian mobile internet provider, a creative young HSDPA fan experiments with his modem in ways some might frown upon. The ad doesn't follow the viral convention of surprising viewers with an unlikely result following from normal circumstances, because the setup - a violent… » 8/27/08 8:40pm 8/27/08 8:40pm

Pocketsurfer 2 Mobile Internet Communicator Reviewed (Verdict: We…

The Gadget: A handheld internet browsing device that functions using a GPRS data connection, freeing you from the confines of limited Wi-Fi coverage. The Pocketsurfer 2 incorporates a specialized compression technology that does away with the typical slow speeds associated with GPRS. Datawind did great work in… » 12/15/07 2:10pm 12/15/07 2:10pm

Dotmobi Top-Level Domain Now Ready For The Masses

The many companies behind the dotMobi top-level domain hope to make your mobile Internet experience both better and easier. The top-level domain—like .com and .org—opened up to the general public yesterday (it was announced just a few months ago, too) and I saw the domain in action (if you can call it that) at an… » 9/27/06 10:34am 9/27/06 10:34am