Report: Apple's Expanding Mobile Payment to Physical Goods

The Wall Street Journal is hearing rumors that Apple wants to expand its mobile payment capabilities beyond iTunes purchases, moving into the space dominated by names like Square, PayPal, and Google. » 1/25/14 10:00am 1/25/14 10:00am

Apple's New NFC Travel Patent Looks a Whole Lot Like Passbook

We've already seen Passbook, Apple's new mobile wallet solution that pulls all of your loyalty cards and tickets into one spot. It will debut in iOS 6, and now the company has earned a new patent for NFC travel check-ins, which is essentially the travel portion of what we know exists. » 7/10/12 2:06pm 7/10/12 2:06pm

Rumor: New iPhone Prototypes Have NFC

Recently Apple announced Passbook, a new mobile wallet that will debut in iOS. Its existence prompted speculation that future iPhones will include NFC—and now 9to5mac is reporting that new iPhone prototypes feature the technology. » 6/25/12 7:48am 6/25/12 7:48am

Sprint Rolling Out Google Wallet to 10 New Phones

Sprint revealed at the Mobile World Congress that it's rolling out Google Wallet to 10 new phones in 2012, to complement the Nexus S 4G that it currently carries. There's no word on which handsets will benefit, but it's a big step forward in making the mobile payment system a widespread reality. [Fierce Mobile Content] » 3/02/12 5:45am 3/02/12 5:45am