Future Looks Shaky for Open-Source LiMo Foundation

The other open-source platform that sprung up around the same time as Android isn't doing so well. Vodafone's two handsets, built by Samsung, failed on the market according to reports (and the fact that no-one seems to know a soul who actually bought one), but now it's thought that even the handset partners are… » 8/04/10 5:45am 8/04/10 5:45am

Why Android Will Soon Kick Ass

When the T-Mobile G1 was shown off in NYC last week, it didn't have the gusto of a Stevenote. There was no "boom!"—no "one more thing!" And as a result, many (including us) felt a bit underwhelmed, and were quick to interpret the device's inconsistent GUI as an indicator that the lack of attention to detail would doom … » 9/29/08 3:55pm 9/29/08 3:55pm

Android's 10 Most Exciting Apps

Amid the iPhone 3G launch hysteria, we made a pronouncement that, looking back now long after the dust has settled, pretty well nailed it: forget hardware, it's code that counts » 9/22/08 6:10pm 9/22/08 6:10pm. Code via the juggernaut that is the App Store, which allowed the iPhone to truly came into its own as a mobile platform. Now, our first…