No One Wants to Download Your App When They Go to Your Website

There's a tedious balance between using apps on your smartphone or just using the browser. Sometimes like in the case of Google Maps or The Weather Channel, apps are better. Other times when you're just dropping quickly into an online dictionary or a silly link, you just want to use the browser. The problem with that… »5/14/13 10:00pm5/14/13 10:00pm


Use Your Cellphone To Control Your Box With TiVo Mobile Website

Adding to an ever expanding list of new features like pizza »11/25/08 12:01am11/25/08 12:01am ordering and , TiVo's now bringing you the option of SlingBox-esque control of your box on your cellphone. Their new mobile site,, allows both subscribers and non-subscribers to browse television shows, schedule recordings to their TiVo box and…