HP's Going Android With Its $169 Slate 7 Tablet

The HP Slate 7 is beyond fashionably late to the Android tablet party, but it tries to make up for its tardiness with a very low price. When the device arrives in April, HP's first Google-powered tablet just announced at this year's Mobile World Congress will cost just $169. That's $30 less than the the Nexus 7 and… » 2/24/13 12:25pm 2/24/13 12:25pm

The Spectacular Maiming of Windows Mobile 6.5.x

With the announcement of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft's made it clear that they're finally—and truly—getting back into the game. They also brutally kneecapped their existing phone software, effectively taking Microsoft out of mobile for the next six months. » 2/15/10 11:48am 2/15/10 11:48am

Trio of HTC Phone Official Pics/Specs Leaked: Meet Desire, Legend, and …

We've seen leaks of the HTC Legend and Desire (formerly known as Bravo) previously, but what look like the official pics and specs for those and the Touch HD Mini have appeared a day ahead of HTC's MWC press conference. » 2/15/10 11:47am 2/15/10 11:47am

Windows Phone 7 Series: Everything Is Different Now

It's astounding that until this moment, three years after the iPhone, the biggest software company in the world basically didn't compete in mobile. Windows Phone 7 Series is more than the Microsoft smartphone we've been waiting for. Everything's different now. » 2/15/10 9:00am 2/15/10 9:00am

More Sources Claim That Windows Mobile 7 Will Be Shown Off Next Month, …

Windows Mobile 7 will most definitely, positively, absolutely be shown off next month at Mobile World Congress, sez CNET. And Digitimes. Despite more conflicting stories than a Brangelina love-saga, I believe there'll be solid news next month for WinMo fans. » 1/27/10 6:26am 1/27/10 6:26am

Three Phones Show Up In Zune Software, But What Are They?

A small Zune software maintenance update released today's got three glaring references to drivers for phone devices. The collision of Zune content and Microsoft mobile software is basically imminent, sure, but are these the Zune phones? Probably not. » 1/26/10 9:19am 1/26/10 9:19am

Windows Mobile 7 Rumor Explosion: Two Versions, New Name, First…

As Mobile World Congress—and presumably Window Mobile 7—careens closer and closer, we're going to hear a lot more of this. Today's batch? Business and consumer versions of the OS, a sexxxy new name, and possible first hardware. » 1/18/10 4:41pm 1/18/10 4:41pm

A New Windows Mobile Is Coming in February, But Which?

It's clear that Microsoft will bring something to Mobile World Congress. This is inevitable, and necessary. But yesterday's report that it'll be Windows Mobile 6.6 has been met with another saying it'll be Windows Mobile 7. So which is it? » 1/15/10 10:59am 1/15/10 10:59am

Mobile World Congress 09: The Good, The Bad, the Ugly and the Boring

Despite the new HTC Magic, the Sony Ericsson Idou, and Windows Mobile 6.5—which still is not Windows Mobile 7—the Mobile World Congress was a bag of lame. Some blame the economic crisis. I don't. » 2/19/09 8:40am 2/19/09 8:40am

Verizon LTE Wireless Clocking 60Mbps In US Tests, Confirmed to Launch…

Verizon's rollout of its 4G Long Term Evolution network is in the trial phase in three metro areas, and lucky testers are seeing peak speeds of 60Mbps—wireless. Best of all, 2010 commercial launch is confirmed. » 2/18/09 1:30pm 2/18/09 1:30pm