MobileMe Shuts Down Tomorrow: Save Your Pictures and Files Before They …

If you didn't get the memo last year, here's your last warning: MobileMe is shutting down on Saturday June 30th. That's tomorrow. If you still have pictures in your MobileMe Gallery or files on iDisk, save it or it's going bye bye forever! » 6/29/12 4:20pm 6/29/12 4:20pm

An Educated Rumor: iCloud Isn't the New MobileMe—It's the New iTunes

We're getting a better and better idea of what iCloud's going to look like—music streaming, maybe something Time Capsule-y. But not the whole picture. The typically accurate John Gruber suggests a handy way to conceptualize iCloud: » 6/05/11 8:32pm 6/05/11 8:32pm

iCloud Is Coming to WWDC

Apple is finally ready to show off iCloud, its cloud service that they built that massive data center for. It was always a matter of when, rather than if, but at WWDC, we'll finally get to see what they're planning. » 5/31/11 9:25am 5/31/11 9:25am

MobileMe Cost to Decrease to Just $20?

Would Apple see more sign-ups to MobileMe if it were free? Undoubtedly, but lowering it from $99/year to $20 will still be advantageous for them. That's if these latest rumors are correct. The cloud-based "back-up" service we last heard about has been mentioned again, and is beginning to sound very likely. » 3/28/11 5:00am 3/28/11 5:00am

Calm Down, Apple Isn't Starting a Real Streaming Music Service

For a long time now, many have speculated Apple might start their own "all you can eat" streaming music service to compete against the likes of Rdio, MOG and Rhapsody. But anonymous industry sources are telling the Financial Times that Apple has no plans to "cannibalize" their iTunes download service, and that the… » 2/25/11 4:07pm 2/25/11 4:07pm

Apple's Ginormous NC Data Center Is For (Cloud-Based?) iTunes After All

That massive data center Apple's spent the last few years building in North Carolina? As suspected, it's there to support iTunes, the company confirmed today. That's a whole lot of storage to be used for anything other than a cloud-based iTunes. » 2/23/11 4:15pm 2/23/11 4:15pm