Apple's iPhone Found to Violate Three Patents in US Court

Word just came down that Apple's iPhone has been found to infringe on three patents held by MobileMedia, according to Bloomberg. It's not clear which patents are in question, but in 2010, MobileMedia, a company owned by Sony, Nokia, and a company that licenses MPEG patents, took Apple to court over 18 patents dealing… » 12/13/12 11:21am 12/13/12 11:21am

Kenwood's VDR-55 In-Car DVD Player

If you haven't jumped on the incredibly safe DVD-player-in-the-car bandwagon just yet, Kenwood may have something in the woodworks to change your mind. Their VDR-55 plays standard DVDs and DVD-Rs, as well as CDs loaded with your quality collection of MP3 and WMA files. They're even hawking a special cable to connect… » 5/18/06 12:18pm 5/18/06 12:18pm

In-Car Gadget That Makes Your PC Blush

Most people think that by having a GPS system in their car they
re a big shot. Those people may have to reconsider now that the StreetDeck from MP3Car is here. In essence, it combines your typical
I need directions!
box with, oh, just about every feature found in your PC. With the StreetDeck installed, you get the… » 2/10/06 5:57am 2/10/06 5:57am